Jun. 13, 2021

Restraining Orders

A Restraining Order is an order issued by the Court which is meant to protect a person from harm or harassment. There are several types of Restraining Orders. They are:      


  1. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders:  This is an order to protect you from abuse by someone with whom you have a domestic relationship such as a spouse, person you are dating; mother or father of your child, someone closely related by blood, marriage or adoption or any person who regularly lives in your home.
  2. Civil Harassment Restraining Orders:  This is an order to protect you from a person harassing you who is not a close family member and does not reside with you.
  3. Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Retraining Order:  This applies to a person seeking protection from abuse who falls within the definition of an elderly or dependent adult.
  4. Workplace Violence:  An order initiated by an employer to protect an employee from unlawful violence or threat of violence that has been or can be construed to have been carried out in the workplace.
  5. Emergency Protective Order:  This is an order issued by a Judge at the request of a law enforcement officer where there is a danger of domestic violence, child abuse, abduction or elder abuse. 



If there is an immediate need for a restraining order, the application needs to be filed in the Court House as early in the day as possible. The clerk will take the application to a Judge to review and make a decision on a Temporary Restraining Order. The person requesting the restraining order must pick up the documents before 3:00 p.m. The clerk will set the matter for a hearing at which the parties are to appear. 



Any time a restraining order is issued, except an emergency protective order, the party against whom the restraining order is issued must be served personally with a copy of the filed paperwork.  A person over the age of 18 not a party to the suit can serve the paperwork.  A Proof of Service executed by the party doing the service must be filed with the court before the hearing on the order.

For more information you may contact:


Yolo Superior Court

Family Law Facilitator/Self Help Center

1000 Main Street, 2nd Floor Room 2001

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Empower Yolo offers a variety of services, including assistance in obtaining restraining orders.  You may contact them at:


Empower Yolo

175 Walnut Street

Woodland, CA 95695

(530) 661-6336



For more information on elder abuse you may contact:


Yolo County District Attorney - Elder Abuse Unit

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm at (530) 666-8180



Yolo County Adult Protective Services

(888) 675-1115


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