May. 5, 2016

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  Court Executive Officer


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Public notice

Yolo Superior Court will celebrate Juror Appreciation Week, May 9–13 to recognize the service and participation of jurors from our local community who devote their time and effort in “making the cherished right of trial by jury a reality.”  Any Yolo County resident who has served on a jury in the last year is encouraged to attend an open reception on Friday, May 13, 2016 at 12:15p.m. in the jury assembly room. Please click here to read article by Judge Daniel P. Maguire.


The Court is requesting proposals on Dependency RepresentationClick here for information.


New: Interpreter Request Form and Online Request Program. Click here for further information


Driving Directions

Yolo Superior Court
1000 Main St., Woodland, CA, 95695
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ADA Parking

Loading and unloading zones are located at the front of the courthouse, on Main Street. Twenty (20) minute parking zones are located on 5th Street and 6th Street. ADA Parking is available in the public parking lots, located on 6th street, on Lincoln and 6th and Oak and 6th.


1st Floor
Public Service Windows:  
Civil RM 1511
Court Services RM 1511
Criminal RM 1511
Family RM 1511
Juvenile RM 1511
Payments RM 1511
Probate RM 1511
Traffic RM 1511
Jury Services RM 1011
Department 1 RM 1304
Department 2 RM 1104
2nd Floor
Department 3 RM 2704
Department 4 RM 2504
Department 5 RM 2304
Department 6 RM 2104
Family Law Facilitator RM 2001
Self-Help RM 2001
Mediation Services RM 2001
3rd Floor
Executive Office RM 3605
Fiscal RM 3601
Human Resources RM 3501
4th Floor
Department 7 RM 4704
Department 8 RM 4504
Department 9 RM 4304
Department 10 RM 4105
5th Floor
Department 11 RM 5704
Department 12 RM 5504
Department 13 RM 5304
Department 14 RM 5104

Contact Information

Main Line 406-6700
Civil, Probate, Juvenile, Small Claims and Family 406-6704
Criminal 406-6705
Family Law Facilitator/Self Help Center 406-6794
Human Resources 406-6881
Jury Services 406-6828
Payment Center 406-6703
Traffic 406-6702
*530 area code applies to all numbers  
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