May. 5, 2021

Jury Services Virtual Courtroom

For jury service information for   please look below for your group number.

Juror Reporting Instructions (COVID-19)

Step 1. If you have been summoned to appear for jury duty please follow instructions on the postcard summons and below.

Step 2. After 5:10 P.M. on the evening before you are scheduled to report, check the status of your group number on the main jury page of the court’s website or call (530) 406-6701, select opt. 3 for instructions.

Step 3. If your group number is confirmed, you are ordered to report by Zoom or phone on the date and time listed on your summons.

Prior to your reporting date, please do the following:

1) Review the "Virtual Courtroom Rules and Responsibilities", item 1 through 7 before your reporting date.

2) Watch the Jury Orientation Video with important information about your jury service. Click here to access the video.

3) If you are ordered to appear, please complete the Daily COVID Assessment and follow the instructions. Click here for the Assessment.



Summoned jurors who have health concerns related to COVID-19 may be allowed to be postponed.

DO NOT REPORT If you have been diagnosed with COVID, have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID in the last two weeks or are sick with COVID related symptoms including respiratory symptoms, a fever or a cough and/or new loss of taste or smell. Contact the Jury Services office at (530) 406-6828 or click the link below to request that your jury service be deferred to a future date.



The Court implemented significant changes to the jury protocol to ensure the safety of all potential jurors required to appear.  The new protocols include:

  • The Court will follow CDC guidelines to social distance.

  • All jurors and persons entering the courthouse are required to wear a face mask that covers both nose and mouth at all times while inside the courthouse. 

  • There will be staggered reporting times to reduce the number of people in the Jury Assembly Room and courtroom.  Juror seating will be marked accordingly. 

  • Jury orientation and hardships will be conducted virtually by Zoom or by phone on the Friday afternoon prior to the jurors reporting time the following week.  This will eliminate the jurors need to gather in the Jury Assembly Room to complete the orientation and will limit the number of people in the courtroom for hardships.   

  • Sneeze guards have been installed in the Jury Service Office as well as in the jury box of the courtroom.

  • Enhanced sanitation protocols are being followed.

  • Text and email alerts are available to jurors and can be set up by logging into the Jury Portal.  Please note when opting for text and/or email alerts, box must be checked. 

  • Jury Service Staff are available by phone and email to answer questions.

  • Fewer trials will be in session at any one time to reduce the number of people in the courthouse.

  • Members of the public may be precluded from attending jury trials in person, to ensure social distancing.

  • Jury deliberation will occur in the courtroom rather than in jury deliberation rooms, to ensure social distancing.

  • Elevator use will be restricted to ensure social distancing.


  1. Be sure to bring and wear a face mask or face covering.

  2. You may consider bringing a personal container of hand sanitizer as an additional precautionary measure.

  3. Bring your jury summons with you on the day you report.

  4. Bring your own bottled water, as common water dispensers are not available.

  5. Bring a book, cell phone, laptop, etc. to occupy yourself during jury assembly and selection, as there will be no reading or other materials available.

THANK YOU for your willingness to serve as a juror, and to help the Court continue to provide this vital function of our democracy during these challenging times. 

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