Feb. 25, 2020

New Courthouse

The previous court house for the Superior Court of California, County of Yolo consisted of seven separate facilities. These facilities poorly served the growing needs of the county's residents, and the lack of consolidated facilities exacerbated the functional problems of the court facilities. The historic Woodland Courthouse was constructed in 1917 as a shared court and county facility and now on the National Register of Historic Places. The county vacated the building in 1985 except for the district attorney's office-which remained in the building until 1993.


The historic courthouse had been renovated as the court grew and housed eight marginal courtrooms. This facility had significant security problems, severe accessibility deficiencies, overcrowding issues, and has many physical problems preventing the court from providing safe and efficient services to the public. To meet current space needs, the court operated five other facilities, many with courtrooms, spread throughout the downtown Woodland area.


The new 14 courtroom facility, of approximately 160,000 square feet, will include space for all court functions. The County will retain title to the historic courthouse and occupy the building once the court vacates the space.


Planning for a New Courthouse in Woodland

In 2015, the new 163,000 square-foot courthouse in Yolo County opened, consolidating scattered local court services and providing users with safe access to justice.


Facts & Stats

Courtrooms: 14

Square footage: 163,066

Estimated total cost: $165,337,000

Estimated construction cost per square foot: $605

Current status: Under construction

Expected completion: 1 Q 2015


AOC Fact Sheet 
Building California Courthouses 

Feasibility Study 

Local Stats Sheet 

SB1407 Funding 

Design Concept

  • The new courthouse shall be a notable building, architecturally significant, a center of Woodland.
  • The building must fit in with the unique décor of downtown Woodland.
  • LEED energy efficient building.
  • The building shall be balanced between dignified and welcoming.
  • The design should be practical and functional, but have a civic character, not a commercial character.
  • The design should provide ample natural light.
  • The design must respond to major traffic flows of visitors; clarity is important to promote ease of way finding.
  • The design should be flexible for future expansion.
  • Building operational requirements that provide the principal organizing concepts for the courthouse include:
    • The building will have separate circulation systems for the public, judges & staff (restricted) and detainees (secure).
    • Locate functions with the highest volume of visitors closest to the building entrances and on lower floors.

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