Aug. 4, 2020

Photographing, Recording, or Broadcasting Outside Courtroom

Section 7.  Photographing, Recording, or Broadcasting Outside the Courtroom


No one may use a camera, camera phone, audio recorder, video recorder, or any other electronic device to transmit, record, or capture images and/or sounds in any portion of the courthouse, except as permitted by local rule and California Rule of Court 1.150.  Pursuant to Local Rule 4.5, anyone wishing to photograph, record or capture images and/or sounds, and/or broadcast in the common areas of any court facility shall meet with the Court Executive Officer, Assistant Court Executive Officer, or their designee, prior to operating such equipment.  The granting of such requests is at the sole discretion of the Court.  Requests will be granted only if the proposed activity does not impede the conduct of Court business or interfere with the security of Court patrons. 

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