Aug. 4, 2020

Media Requests for inside Courtroom

Section 6.  Photographing, Recording, or Broadcasting Inside the Courtroom


Pursuant to Local Rule 4.5, photographing, videotaping, televising, or otherwise recording any Court proceeding is prohibited unless, pursuant to California Rule of Court 1.150, a written request has been filed and approved by the Judge presiding at the proceeding prior to its commencement. If two or more media agencies request video coverage of a proceeding, they must file a joint statement of an agreed pooling arrangement. If they are unable to agree, and no good cause for lack of an agreement is shown, the judge may deny the requested media coverage.  Media wishing to photograph, record and/or broadcast inside a courtroom shall complete and file Judicial Council forms, MC-500, Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast, and MC-510, Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage.  All requests must be filed at least five (5) court days before the proceeding to be covered, unless good cause is shown.  (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 1.150(e)(1).)  The granting of such requests is at the sole discretion of the judge presiding over the proceeding.  The clerk must promptly notify the parties that a request has been filed.  For purposes of this rule, a faxed request shall be considered a filing provided that it complies with Rule of Court 1.150. 



Requests filed by fax must be faxed to (530) 406-6835 or emailed to Media requests will not be accepted if faxed to any other fax number. Please include your return fax number on the media request forms.   


Download Media Request Forms:

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