Oct. 26, 2021

EVIDENCE Presentation

Courtroom Technology

Each courtroom has two counsel tables and an ADA compliant lectern with general technology. They are equipped with VGA, 3.5mm Audio and HDMI connectivity that integrates with the court’s audio visual systems. The counsel tables also have four 100V power outlets. This allows the presenter to connect selected electronic devices (laptops, media players, etc.) directly into the courtroom's audio/video system. 

In addition, the lectern is equipped with a document camera aka ELMO (a device which allows the display of physical evidence, including photographs, 3-D objects, and documents, onto a projection screen).

  • The court does not provide any connection cables or laptops, you must bring your own equipment and cables;
  • The court does not provide technical support to connect or troubleshoot the presenter’s device.


If there are any questions regarding use of technology in the courtroom, you may direct your inquiry to courtinfo@yolo.courts.ca.gov. 

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