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Grand Jury



What is a Grand Jury?

The Constitution of the State of California requires every county to impanel a Grand Jury each year. Each July 1, the Yolo Superior Court impanels 19 grand jurors. The grand jury serves as an arm of the judicial system but acts as an entirely independent body. Grand jury service is an exciting opportunity to serve your community and learn more about local government. It can be an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience.

The primary civil function of the grand jury is to review the operations of city and county government as well as other tax supported agencies and special districts. Based on these reviews, the grand jury publishes its findings, usually at the end of the term, in a Grand Jury Final Report. Based on its findings, the grand jury may recommend constructive action to improve the quality and effectiveness of local government.

Another responsibility of the grand jury is to consider criminal indictments based on the evidence presented. In these criminal proceedings, the grand jury is an effective and cost-saving tool - providing the ability to bring forth indictments quickly and efficiently avoiding the cost of lengthy preliminary hearings. In its criminal capacity, the grand jury carefully reviews evidence and listens to testimonies. The grand jury does not judge and convict people. That process is the function of a court of law.

The grand jury also investigates complaints from private citizens, local government officials, or government employees.

Eligibility Requirements for Grand Jury Service

  • Must be a citizen of the United States;
  • Must be 18 years of age or older;
  • Must be a resident of Yolo County for at least one year before selection;
  • Must be in possession of your natural faculties, of ordinary intelligence, of sound judgment and fair character;
  • Possess sufficient knowledge of the English language;
  • Not currently serving as a trial juror in any court of this state during the time of your grand jury term;
  • Have not been discharged as a grand juror in any court of this state within one year;
  • Must not have not been convicted of malfeasance in office or any felony;
  • Not serving as an elected public officer.

Term of Service

The term of service is a period of one year, from July 1 through June 30. You should be committed to serving the entire year.

Time Commitment

The average time commitment for grand jury members is approximately 25-40 hours per month. Generally, two grand jury meetings are conducted per month, usually in the evening. Additional committee meetings may sometimes be scheduled during business hours.

Grand Jury Training

Grand Jury service is important work and a considerable responsibility. Generally, there are at least two training opportunities soon after being selected as a member of the grand jury. A half-day training session is held in Woodland, and a two-day training seminar, sponsored by the California Grand Jurors' Association takes place in the Sacramento area.

Grand Jury Reports

At the completion of the one-year term, the Grand Jury submits a final report that details its investigations. The final report is usually made public on the last day of June. The Grand Jury may submit additional reports throughout the year. Reports contain findings and recommendations and list those who are expected to respond to each of the recommendations.

Elected officials must respond within 60 days; all other boards and officials must respond within 90 days. Copies of the Grand Jury Final Report are made available to all public libraries, county and city officials and the news media. Reports are often inserted in the local newspapers. The report and its distribution services to inform the community about Grand Jury activities and findings.

Location and Contact Information

Jury Services

1000 Main Street,
Woodland, CA 95695

Requesting a Grand Jury Investigation

Grand Juries make their own determinations about which governmental departments to review, although the law requires that some departments be reviewed annually. In addition, citizens, local government officials and government employees may submit complaints about the action or performance of public officials and public agencies.

When sufficient information is submitted, these complaints may be investigated. The name of the person filing the complaint and the nature of the complaint itself are kept strictly confidential unless a waiver of confidentiality is signed by the person filing the complaint. Grand Jurors are sworn to secrecy and, except in very rare circumstances, neither minutes nor records of its meetings may be subpoenaed.

Click here for a Grand Jury Complaint Form, or write to this address: 

Yolo County Grand Jury

PO Box 2142
Woodland, CA 95776-2142 
(530) 406-5088

For additional information contact:

Jury Services

1000 Main Street,
Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 406-6828

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