Sep. 18, 2018


Please complete the following application by Friday, September 22, 2018, so that your qualifications to serve as a grand juror may be determined.

If no, please explain:

If no, please explain:

The estimated time commitment is 25-40 hours per month. You should be committed to serving the entire year. Generally, two grand jury meetings are conducted per month, usually in the evening. Additional committee meetings may sometimes be scheduled during business hours.
(If you answered “no” to #1 or #2 above, you are not required to complete the remaining questions.)

If yes, for how long?

The Political Reform Act (Gov. Code Sections 81000-91014) requires most state and local government officials and employees who make or participate in the decision-making process to publicly disclose their personal finances. If you are selected as a Grand Juror, you will be required to complete a Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700).

If yes, where and when:

One function of the grand jury is to review local government and make recommendations to increase its effectiveness. The grand jury also responds to citizen complaints and has the power to conduct criminal hearings and return indictments. The grand jury is required to publish a Final Report on the issues they investigated during the term.

Prospective Yolo County Grand Juror Demographic Information
2018/2019 Term

The following information is required for statistical purposes and is not a factor in determining the qualifications of potential grand jurors.


Relative to the statutory qualifications for grand jury service, applicants may be subject to some degree of background investigation by the court and/or an appropriate law enforcement agency.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing answers contained on this application are true and correct.

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