Nov. 28, 2020



I have a regular, noticed hearing set for April. When will it be heard?

All regular, noticed hearings have been continued to a date on or after May 4, 2020. Most matters are being continued to the date exactly seven weeks from the originally-scheduled date. You will receive written notice in the mail of the continued date.

I have a restraining order hearing scheduled in April. When will it be heard?

It has been continued for 30 days, with any temporary restraining order remaining in place. You will receive written notice of the continuance.

Pursuant to Temporary COVID-19 Local Rule No. 3, new restraining order hearings are being set 45 days from the date of filing.

I have an urgent matter that can’t wait. How can it be heard?

Please see Temporary COVID-19 Local Rule No. 4, which explains the procedures for scheduling an ex parte hearing, and submitting the required paperwork. You should obtain the date first (by email), and then submit your papers via email with the hearing date entered on the forms.

When and where will my hearing be held?

Until further notice, all civil, family, and probate hearings will be in Department Two at 9:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. You will receive the hearing date in response to your email.

How do I appear for the hearing?

Until further notice, all appearances will be telephonic, through the Court’s conference call line ((877)873-8018, Access Code: 4701824), not Court Call. (See Temporary COVID-19 Local Rule No. 2).

Can I file non-emergency papers?

Not at present. You can mail in such filings, and they will be processed in the order they were received, but they are not being filed at the present time.

Please monitor the Court’s website for updates regarding filing.

What if I need to file now to comply with the statute of limitations, or for some other urgent reason?

Please see the Chief’s Justice’s order: If you believe that you must make a filing now to preserve your client’s rights, you may seek ex parte permission to make the filing.

How do I seek a restraining order?
What sort of matters can be heard on an ex parte basis?

If you seek ex parte relief, you should be prepared to make an affirmative factual showing of irreparable harm, immediate danger, or other risk to human health, safety, or welfare.

How long will these temporary emergency protocols last?

The Court is continuously monitoring the guidance from the President, the Governor, the Chief Justice, and the Yolo County Department of Health, and will modify or revoke these orders based on that guidance. Yolo County’s shelter-in-place order has been extended to May 1st, and it seems likely that these orders will remain until at least then. However, the Court may modify them before then, so please continue to monitor the Court’s website for changes.

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