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Emergency Requests

Yolo Superior Court has implemented an email and telephonic appearance process for all Ex Parte hearings for emergency civil, family law custody and guardianship matters. Effective immediately, requests and documents shall be submitted via email to exparte@yolo.courts.ca.gov and must follow Rule 3.1200 et seq., Rule 5.92, Rule 5.151 et .seq. and Rule; 7.55 of the California Rules of Court.;

You will receive an email response confirming your Ex Parte request with the phone number that you shall use for the Ex Parte telephonic hearing.


Remote Appearance Info CV FL PR

See Court Calendars - COVID-19 documents for details. Click Here

Self-Represented Parties

Self-represented parties are those who are not represented by an attorney. You may obtain assistance by sending an email to selfhelp@yolo.courts.ca.gov

Personas que no tienen abogados pueden recibir asistencia por correo electronico. Mande su mensaje a selfhelp@yolo.courts.ca.gov

Emergency Protective Orders

If you have been abused or are a victim of a crime, contact your local police agency or sheriff’s department who will seek an emergency protective order on your behalf.

Steps to Request a Restraining Order

To request a restraining order from the court, you must complete the appropriate forms and email them to exparte@yolo.courts.ca.gov. The judge will review your request and grant or deny it. The Court will set a hearing in 45 days and email the orders back to the requesting party.

For more information and the forms you can go to:



You may also contact:

Empower Yolo for free legal assistance, (530) 661-6336, www.empoweryolo.org

Elder Abuse (EA) Restraining Order

EA restraining orders are available for people 65 years old or older or dependent adults, who have been abused, neglected, or harassed. The other party can be a caregiver or anyone else who has caused the harm to the elder or dependent adult.

You may contact Legal Services of Northern California for free legal assistance. (530) 662-1065. www.lsnc.net

You may find additional information on the California court website. https://www.courts.ca.gov/1058.htm

Civil Harassment (CH) Restraining Order

CH restraining orders are available for people who have been abused, stalked, sexually assaulted or harassed but they do not have a close relationship with the other party.

For example, the parties are often neighbors or relatives who are not close enough to qualify for a DV order.

You may also use Law Help Interactive to complete forms for a CH restraining order. https://lawhelpinteractive.org

You may find additional information on the California court website. https://www.courts.ca.gov/1044.htm

For many cases, especially cases that do not involve violence, a great alternative to filing a restraining order is mediation.

You may obtain free mediation services at Yolo Conflict Resolution Center. (530) 564-2324. www.yolocrc.org

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