Apr. 28, 2015

Judicial Assignments

The 2014 Yolo Superior Court judicial calendar assignments are as follows:

Department Judge Assignment
One Hon. Paul K. Richardson Felony Trials
Two Hon. Timothy L. Fall Civil
Three Hon. Janene Beronio Misdemeanor Trials
Four Hon. David Rosenberg Felony Trials
Five Hon. Steven M. Basha Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency
Six Hon. David W. Reed Felony Trials
Seven Hon. Daniel P. Maguire Misdemeanor Trials
Eight Hon. Samuel T. McAdam Felony Trials
Nine Visiting Judge Arraignments and Master Calendar
Ten Referee Kent O'Mara Traffic, Small Claims, Unlawful Detainers
Twelve Commissioner Dennis A. Umanzio Family Support
Fourteen Hon.Kathleen M. White Family
Fifteen Hon. Janet Gaard Family
Click Here to see the full 2015 Judicial Calendar Assignments document
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