Temporary Judge Training Information and Application

Superior Court of the County of



Invites Attorneys to Apply


To Serve as


Temporary Judges



If you wish to serve as a temporary judge, please read this carefully.


In-person training offered March 7, 2014 from 12:00 - 4 PM

Yolo Superior Court, 275 First Street, Dept 10, Woodland, California


            The Yolo Superior Court is adding attorneys to its pool of temporary judges. It encourages you to consider applying.


            Temporary judges are used at the discretion of the Presiding Judge when the court needs judicial assistance that it cannot provide using its full-time judicial officers.[1] Temporary judges most often hear small claims, unlawful detainers and traffic matters.  To become a temporary judge you must have been admitted to practice as a member of the State Bar of California for at least ten years (or at least five years for an appointment with good cause).[2]           


            The conditions for appointment are found in Rule 2.812(b) of the California Rules of Court, and the education and training requirements are found in Rule 2.812(c).   The Court can provide considerable assistance in obtaining the necessary education and training.[3]


            The Court seeks to maximize the potential for a diverse applicant pool.  It encourages each and every eligible individual to apply to be a temporary judge regardless of his or her gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age or other protected class.[4]  Among the qualifications that the Court will consider in the selection process is an applicant's exposure to and experience with diverse populations and issues related to those populations.[5]


            *Please note that all persons interested in becoming a Temporary Judge must complete all required online training before attending the training on Judicial Demeanor.  In-person Judicial Demeanor training will be offered by the Court: 

March 7, 2014 from 12:00 - 4 PM at Yolo Superior Court, 275 First Street, Department 10, Woodland, California.


           Please bring all certificates of completion to the in-person training. Only applicants who have completed all online training and who have completed an application will be accepted into the training. Applications must be submitted prior to the in-person training.

If you wish to apply, please submit an online application.  Click here for application.  Please submit Applications to Yolo Superior Court, Executive Office, 725 Court Street, Room 308, Woodland, CA  95695.  Please email questions to tempjudge@yolo.courts.ca.gov.





LINK FOR ALL ONLINE TRAINING:      http://www2.courtinfo.ca.gov/cjer/pro_tem.htm






1.    Review online materials

2.    Attend a 4-hour in-person training session on judicial demeanor, offered March 7th, 2014.

3.    Take the online course on judicial ethics






1.    For Small Claims calendars:

         Take all relevant online training courses and review online benchguides.

         Take the online course on hearing Small Claims calendars. 


2.    For Traffic calendars:

         Take online training course and review online benchguides.

         Take the online course on hearing traffic calendars.


3.    For Unlawful Detainer calendars:

         Take online training course and review online benchguides.

         Take the online course on hearing unlawful detainer calendars.

[1] Rule of Court 2.811(a)

[2] Rule of Court 2.812(a)

[3] Rule of Court 10.740-10.741.

[4] Rule of Court 10.741.              

[5] Id.