Summons and Appearance Date



Your jury summons contains information about reporting for jury service, including:

  • When and how to report for jury service
  • Where to report
  • Parking Information
  • Assistance with postponement of service
  • Requirements and instructions for excusal
  • Requirements and instructions for disqualification
Summons Appearance Date


IF YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED for jury duty, you can confirm your appearance date, your current juror status, or postpone your date of service by using our jury self-service system and the juror badge number located on your summons.

Located on your summon is your juror badge number, date, time, and location to appear. Using your juror badge number, you may use either the self-service jury system or the self-service telephone system to check your appearance information each evening after 5:10 PM and/or 12 o'clock noon if scheduled to appear at 1:00 pm. Please follow all instructions until you receive notice to appear, notice of release until a future date, or notice of service completion.

Special Note: Due to the possibility of changes in the jury trial schedules, you may be required to appear at a time or date different from what appears on your jury summons. Therefore, it is very important for you to follow the call in instructions to prevent you from missing your appearance or appearing unnecessarily if your service was changed or cancelled.


You may call or go on-line to the Court web site for juror service information:

Jury Services: (530) 406-6701

Jury Web Site: or Click Here