Parking Instructions


Parking Instructions


Jurors will no longer need to use the Parking Permit located on the Jury Summons because all juror parking is public parking.  The City designated the All Day Public Parking lot located at the intersection of College and Court directly across the street from Wells Fargo Bank and the Public Library Parking lot in any spaces that are not marked with time restrictions for juror parking.  In addition, you can park on any public street that does not post a time restriction (i.e. residential area behind the courthouse and all streets after 4th Street heading east away from the courthouse)
The East parking lot is a County Permit lot only; therefore, jurors cannot park in this lot.  The exception to this restriction is any car with a handicap placard or license plate.  

For Public Parking, please read the following information: 
      Library Parking Lot

1.  Located at 250 First Street
2.  All day parking is allowed in any spaces not marked with a time restriction


         All Day Public Parking Lot

1.  Located at the intersection of College and Court
2.  Located directly across the street from the Public Library and Wells Fargo Bank 
3.  No restrictions

      Street parking is allowed in the residential areas behind the Court
         You are no longer required to use a parking voucher 
      If you have a Handicap Decal or Placard, there are no parking restrictions
Parking citations resulting from improper parking are the responsibility of the juror. The Court has no sway with the City to reverse any parking tickets!
Yolo Superior Court Department 15, 1100 Main Street - 3rd Floor, Woodland, CA 
         All day parking permitted in lot adjacent to building

         All day parking permitted on adjacent streets


Yolo Superior Court Parking Map

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