Online Services and Reporting Status

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Postponement Information

If you are not available on the date summoned to attend, you may for any reason, request a one-time postponement. Provide a new date within the next 6 months (any Monday - Wednesday, except holidays). All requests for postponements beyond 90 days must be made in writing.


Breast-feeding mothers may postpone their jury service for up to one year.


Students may request a one-time postponement of their service to the next school break. Complete the section titled "Request for Postponement" and return to the Jury Office within 10 days of receipt of your summons. If you are a full time student attending college out of the county and will not return for the year you may postpone your service for up to one year.


Online Postponement Request

For online postponement request Click Here All requests for postponements beyond 90 days must be made in writing.


Please Note: if you have had a previous postpone within the year or you are not within the five business days from your day of service the online postponement will not be available to you. Please contact the Jury Office if assistance is needed at 530-406-6828


Please follow the link below to the Court and Community brochure to find answers to frequently asked questions


COURT AND COMMUNITY:  Information and Instructions for Responding to Your Juror Summons