Order to Show Cause

An Order to Show Cause can be filed if you have an active case with the court or at the time you file a Petition for Divorce, Legal Separation, Nullity or Parental Relationship. This will allow you to schedule a hearing date for your child support issues. An Order to Show Cause can be used to request:

  1. Child or spousal support orders or to request a change to already existing orders;
  2. Modification of an existing order for support;
  3. That a Default Judgment in a Yolo County Child Support case be set aside. There are special rules involved in this type of case and you should seek legal assistance.

The following forms are available for use in filing an Order to Show Cause:

  • Order to Show Cause, FL-300
  • Application for Order and Supporting Declaration, FL-310
  • Income and Expense Declaration, FL 150

You will need to serve the other party with these documents:
  • Proof of Personal Service, DV-140
  • Responsive Declaration to Order to Show Cause or Notice of Motion, FL-320
  • A blank Income and Expense Declaration, FL-150


These documents can be downloaded from the California Courts Online Self Help Center. They are also available for a minimum fee at the Civil Division in Room 103 of the Courthouse.