All adoptions. except Adult Adoptions, require the use of state-wide approved forms. See the California Courts Online Self Help Center.  There are no mandatory forms developed by Judicial Council for Adult Adoptions.


If you are seeking an INDEPENDENT, AGENCY, OR INTERCOUNTRY adoption:

  1. Complete the Adoption Request and file it in the county in which you reside. Yolo County residents can file at Civil Department, Room 103 of the Yolo Superior Court, 725 Court Street, Woodland, CA.
  2. Make sure that all consents, accounting reports, relinquishments, and/or termination of parental rights are complete.

If you are a stepparent or a domestic partner seeking adoption of a STEPPARENT'S/DOMESTIC PARTNER'S child:

  1. Complete the Adoption Request and file it in the county in which you reside
  2. Make sure that the following documents are filed:
    a. Consent of the person who will adopt the child,
    b. Consent or proof of death of the biological parent; or a petition to terminate that person's parental rights.
    c.  Proof of service of the petition and notice to the biological parent if that person has not consented to the adoption.
    d. Citation to Appear
  3. There are two required hearings:
    a.  Termination of parental rights, and
    b.  The adoption hearing.  The adoption hearing cannot be held until 60 days after termination of parental rights.

The Court will appoint an investigator to interview the parties and file a written report as to whether the adoption is appropriate.