Civil Case Types

NOTE: Pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1279.5, all petitions for change of name will be checked for parole and/or sex offender status.

Documents required for a change of name must be filed in room 103 of the Court. Residency in Yolo County is required to file in this court. Unless the petitioner qualifies for a waiver of court fees, the filing fee must accompany the documents presented for filing.  See the Uniform Fee Schedule.
An original and two copies of the following documents must be filed:
  1. Petition for change of Name (form NC-100)
  2. Attachment to petition for change of name (form NC-110)—Name and Information About the Person Whose Name is to be Changed. A separate attachment is required for each person whose name is to be changed.
  3. Order to Show Cause for Change of name (form NC-120)
  4. Decree Changing name (form NC-130)
  5. Civil Case Cover Sheet (form CM-010)
FOR MINORS The parents of the minor must fill out and submit the above named documents, as well as the Unified Family Court Family Information Form.  To expedite the process, both parents should sign the Petition for Change of Name. If a parent submits a name change for a minor child or children, and the other parent, if living, does not consent to the name change by signing the petition as a co-petitioner, the non-consenting parent must be personally served not less than 30 days prior to the hearing with a copy of the Order to Show Cause pursuant to CCP Section 1277(a). A completed Proof of Service of Order to Show Cause (form NC-121) must be filed with the court before the hearing date. If the non-consenting parent cannot be found, a declaration must be filed detailing the steps taken to find the non-consenting parent.


If both parents are deceased, the guardian of the minor must file, in addition to the documents listed above:

  1. A Supplemental Attachment to Petition for Change of Name (form NC-11OG—Declaration of Guardian. A separate attachment must be filed for each minor whose name is to be changed, and
  2. A Decree Changing name of Minor by Guardian (form NC-130g)

The forms may be downloaded from the California Court Online Self Help Center.





Hearing and Order

Once the documents have been filed with the court, the clerk will send the file to a judge for approval of the Order to Show Cause. After approval by the judge, the matter will be set for hearing approximately six to eight weeks from the date of the judge's signature. The documents will be processed by the clerk and picked up by the petitioner. The petitioner must then take the Order to Show Cause to a newspaper of general circulation in this county for publication once a week for four consecutive weeks before the hearing date. The Order to Show Cause will designate in which newspaper the notice must be published. The newspaper will prepare a Proof of Service of Publication which must be filed with the court before the date of the hearing.


The parties must appear at the hearing on the scheduled date or another Order to Show Cause must be filed and submitted for signature. At the hearing, the judge will determine whether or not to grant the petition.
If the judge grants the petition for the change of name, he will sign the Decree Changing Name. The Decree Changing Name will be filed with the court.