Media Request

No one may use a camera or camera-phone to transmit, record, or take pictures in any portion of the courthouse except as permitted by local rule and California Rule of Court 1.150. Members of the media shall meet with the Executive Office prior to operating media equipment in common areas of the courthouse.


This order applies not only to the use of cameras but also the use of camera devices such as camera enabled cellular telephones, other camera-phone enabled recorder equipment, or digital image-capture devices of any kind.


This order is for the protection of the public, all parties, and court personnel, and to facilitate the fair and orderly resolution of cases. This order is subject to modification based on specific circumstances and the discretion of the Presiding Judge and Court Executive Officer.


Copies of this order shall be made reasonably available or posted near every security entry point into each court building, and at such other locations as the Court Executive Officer shall direct.


A violation of this order may result in the imposition of monetary sanctions pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 177.5 or a contempt of court as set forth in Civil Procedure section 1209.


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